The Lawn Edger Project

About the Lawn Edger Project

Your lawn is an instrumental asset to your property and is therefore a key element in increasing the appearance and value of your home. Caring for your lawn goes well beyond the simple mowing process. Grass blades and weeds often grow over sidewalks, driveways, and other pathways which can be detrimental to travel and degrade the appearance of your property. A lawn edger also known simply as an edger is a lawn tool used to cut a clean line between grass and a harder material such as concrete. It effectively rids your lawn of these overgrowing pests giving it a neat and pristine appearance. They are also helpful tools for accenting around shrubbery beds, trees, and poles. Lawn edgers come in a variety of forms including electric, gas, manual, automatic, handheld, and wheeled models. There are several reputable names yet among the more popular are MTD, Troy Bilt, Echo, Black and Decker, Homelite, and Tanaka.

In essence, an edger functions by utilizing a blade to cut through grass, weeds, and roots. Manual models are handheld and consist in a blade attached to the bottom of a stick. These are efficient for small projects, yet to break through harder surfaces and conquer larger areas in shorter time an automated model is more effective. Automated models are most often electric or gas powered and use rotating blade (s) or thrashers to cut a separating line between the concrete and grass. They also usually embody wheels for easy maneuvering. Gas models most commonly have two cycle engines and weigh less than 25 pounds (10 pound units are common for homeowners). They are ideal for larger and heavy duty projects, while electric models serve nicely in more confined areas that require less power. Another common form of an edger is also known as a trimmer. These devices are slightly different than your average edger and sometimes not quite as effective yet usually fairly sufficient. These utilize a nylon line to thrash through grass creating the desired trench. These models have low costs of maintaining as opposed to machines with metal blades, yet can leave grass blades jagged and have difficulty in deeper areas. Please note caution is still necessary because this nylon moving at rapid rpms can cause serious damage.

Lawn maintenance requires much more than mowing, edgers manicure your lawn achieving a look of ultimate perfection. They are simple to use, easy to maintain, and yield impressive results. You can pick up a lawn edger at a relatively inexpensive cost and it can do wonders. Determining the distance, work load, and density of the grass will help to best indicate the optimal model for you. Make a lawn edger your next purchase and achieve a cost efficient means of obtaining a fresh, clean looking lawn.

A Note on Safety

Safety glasses are usually highly recommended when operating a lawn edger. Make sure rocks and other objects are removed before edging. Proceed with caution and use a responsible attitude when operating.