The Lawn Edger Project: Echo

Echo Lawn Edgers

In 1972, the Kioritz Corporation of America was founded and later in 1978 they changed their name to Echo, Inc. In 1979, they began producing equipment in the USA where they remain today as a top of the line company for yard tools including edgers.

Echo edgers are dynamic tools designed to ultimate perfection with heavy duty power, lightweight convenience, and durable constructions. The main division of Echo edgers is the Perfect Edge line. These are applicable for both residential and commercial applications and range from the PE-200 all the way to the hardy PE-311.

The PE- 200 is a smaller sized edger with a strong engine and sleek design for versatility. This model comes equipped with a 21.2 cc Vortex engine that produces intense power capable of handing rugged roots and tough grass. It also has a ProFire electronic ignition system with I-30 technology to reduce start up times by 30 percent. It comes with an 8 inch sturdy blade with a plastic shield to deflect debris away from the operator. The pivot mechanism allows for varying depths so you get a superficial or deep cut depending on your preference. The see thru tank supports a 15.2 fl oz fuel capacity supports a lengthy runtime. The pivot mechanism allows for varying depths so you get a superficial or deep cut depending on your preference. It comes with a large solid rubber wheel for convenience and guidance. There is also a comfortable handle grip and easy throttle control for easy operation.

The PE-230 is a commercial grade edger with a 22.8 cc Power Boost Tornado engine. This engine has a vibration reduction system to increase user comfort. The PE-230 also comes with a ProFire electronic ignition, 8 inch blade, 4 layer cable drive shaft, a die-cast metal shield to protect against debris, Pro-Torque gear case, and a on/ off switch on the throttle. This is a dream machine ideal for any business and home users as well.

The PE-260 is a high quality edger ideal for cutting around sidewalks, driveways, and plant beds. This model is powered by a 24.5 cc Power Boost Tornado engine. This engine also reduces vibrations for user comfort. With a 19.6 fl oz fuel tank, the PE-260 can run for a lengthy period without needing to be refueled. The ProFire ignition makes start up an ease, the die-cast metal shield encases the 8 inch blade for protection, and the 4-layer drive shaft provides superior performance.

The PE-311 is their top of the line commercial grade edger with all the assets. The massive 30.5 cc Power Boost Tornado engine complete with an anti-vibration system has lengthy runtimes on its oversized see thru 27.1 fl oz fuel tank. The double edged premium 8 inch blade lasts longer and slices through grass more efficiently than many other edgers in its class. The ProFire electric ignition, comfortable handle, and throttle control make operation both convenient and virtually effortless. The PE-311 is definitely a high performance edger capable of handing even the most difficult of projects.