The Lawn Edger Project: Electric Edgers

Electric Lawn Edgers

An electric lawn edger is ideal for manicuring your lawn around concrete, poles, and garden beds. Grass, weeds, and roots engulf driveways and sidewalks; an electric edger effectively rids your property of these pesky intruders. It is the perfect accenting piece to improve the overall appearance of your yard. There are a lot of reputable manufacturers and quality models to choose from; however, Black and Decker are extremely popular.

Electric lawn edgers usually consist in an electric motor powering the rotation of a blade attached to an adjustable handle. Most electric models are fairly lightweight and come equipped with wheels for maneuverability. Settings vary from model to model but most have adjustable depth levels and are overall quite easy to operate. Simply attach your edger to an extension cord, align the blade with the desired cutting surface, and begin. Be careful because even electric models are quite powerful.

Most models require the use of an extension cord which limits its range, yet for small to medium projects they serve their function nicely. Extension cords come in a variety of lengths but for most yards you can find one to suit your distance. Gas models can be more rugged for cutting through tougher grass; however, if you are steadfast on the upkeep an electric model should be able to handle the routine maintenance. An electric edger is also a more environmentally friendly device (at least for the most part) because it does not produce as many harmful, byproduct emissions and fumes that are common to gasoline powered engines.

Another style commonly viewed as a lawn edger is actually a trimmer. Trimmers can come in an electric form and function off of a battery. The battery enables a greater level of portability so that it can tackle projects that are outside your extension cord's range. An edger and a trimmer compliment each other nicely. These units use a rapidly rotating nylon string instead of a blade. This has excellent cutting power and gets the job done well. However, for a cleaner less jagged and deeper trench a blade is still the preferred method.

Most electric edgers are quite affordable around $100 give or take depending on additional features. With such a reasonable cost and highly convenient functions, they are a must have item for your yard work.

Effectively rid your yard of imperfections by implementing an outline along the perimeter to tame weeds and grass from overtaking unwanted areas. Get your new electric lawn edger today for a low price and make yard work easier, efficient, and enjoyable with a quality machine.