The Lawn Edger Project: Homelite

Homelite Lawn Edgers

Founded in 1921, when Charles Ferguson attempted to build a lightweight generator. The Homelite company was found and began producing high quality products from the self-priming centrifugal pump in 1928 all the way to the trimmer in 1999 and present day high performance edgers. They pride themselves in making convenient handheld products at affordable prices for the average consumer.

The Homelite Trim N Edge is a well crafted yard product that can be quick and easily converted from a Trimmer to an Edger with a simple tool (provided). This beast has a 25 cc PowerStroke engine. It also comes fully equipped with an ant-vibration system for comfortable operation and Zip Start technology to get things up and running with just one easy pull. The Trim N Edge also has an adjustable system for cutting trenches to the exact depth you desire and a 17 inch swath for covering larger areas in less time.

Homelite's 4 cycle Edger is a beast designed to tame Mother Nature. The engine is 79 cc with a belt drive system to conquer even the strongest grass and weeds. The 8 inch blade easily slices through the grass providing a nice clean cut for a perfect look. This model features a 3 position handle to accommodate user preferences. You can even change up the position for a diversified comfort to break up the monotony of lawn care. It is EPA and Carb certified so it is environmentally friendly with low emissions. Homelite even covers your edger under a comprehensive warranty for 2 years.

The Homelite MightyLife Stick Edger is a versatile product that can yield immaculate finishing touches to your lawn. This model has a powerful 26 cc engine with a Rotochoke starting system and 9 inch blade for ultimate slicing. This blade is double edged constructed out of hardened steel for long lasting durability. The rubber flap is quite large an effectively protects the operator from flying debris. This MightyLife stick edger accepts additional attachments and comes ready to run without the need of tool assembly. With the twist of a knob you can regulate the depth of this edger. There is even a guide to keep your trenches straight and precise. Of course Homelite insures this product with a 2 year warranty as well.

In addition, Homelite offers a full line of string trimmers including the HandyTrim electric model, TrimLite gas model, the EasyReach, and the 22 inch 4 cycle trimmer. These are all highly effective models built to satisfy consumer needs of convenience, comfort, affordability, and efficiency.

Homelite is a reputable company with substantial experience in the industry. They are highly revered among consumers and extremely popular. Whether you are looking for an electric, stick, gas, or other style, Homelite has an edger for you. Get a Homelite yard product for all your lawn care needs and gain the benefits of a superior machine that has it all.